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​Director: Andy Jones & Rita Ray  
Producer: Andy Jones Dur: 4 x 24 mins

The Business of Burials

Everywhere in the world, the way we die is changing, every bit as much as the way we live. Weaving our way around the world, through the stories of people who touch so many lives, this series will change the way we think and talk about all that death entails.

The series begins in Ghana, where every weekend is devoted to funerals, eclipsing even the wedding industry in size, scale and splendour. At the heart of this enterprise, there is no more energetic an entrepreneur than Charity Ankarah, a vivacious retired London traffic warden. She now runs a bespoke funeral planning service catering to Accra’s affluent high society. As mourners come together from the UK, US and Ghana, our unique take on the business of death begins.


A Funeral To Die For

Sheffield Doc/Fest hosts one of the world's few fully digitised Videotheques allowing industry delegates only to view a selection of films from the programme. They invite up 80 specially selected films to participate in the Videotheque and we’re delighted that we are one of ten films nominated by CBA’s WorldView fund.

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