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uSiSTA 360

Development / Production. Co-Production with AfroFilms (Kenya) and OnaStories (Tanzania)

Directors: Zippy Kimundu & Tulanana Bohela

uSiSTA began life as a documentary film and is now evolving into a pop-up installation / performance from the Swahili Coast of East Africa.

Featuring live music by Mim Suleiman & friends, films by Zippy Kimundu & a host of add-ons including food, art, story-telling. DJs and AR content from Tanzania pioneers Tulanana Bohela of Ona Stories, uSiSTA celebrates a century of unsung heroines and explores the common issues faced by women in East Africa and around the world today.


Development. Co-Production with Laika Film

Director: Simon Revilla

Argentina. 1977. Hundreds of babies born in captivity are secretly adopted before their mothers are executed - Natalie Knutzen believes she may be one of them.

Simon Revilla's second film in a planned trilogy on memory & identity is an observational investigative thriller following the dramatic story of one woman’s search for her real identity. Forty year old musician Natalie wants to find out the truth behind her adoption. 


In Production. Co-Production with Laika Film, Clin D'Oeil Films (Belgium), Relation 04 (Norway)

Directors: Lars Edman & William Johansson

First we made a film about a Swedish mining giant dumping hazardous waste in Chile. Then the company denied responsibility for the resulting scandal. Now the survivors are seeking justice, and our footage has become crucial evidence. Time for a new film, with co-director Lars Edman as a key witness in mainland Europe’s biggest ever transnational corporate accountability trial. 

Horacio & The Pigeons

Development. Co-Production with Laika Film

Director: Simon Revilla

When the body of a solitary birdwatcher is found in his apartment, he has already been dead for two years. The puzzling search for his forgotten life story leads to unexpected discoveries.


Simon Revilla's début feature reveals the remarkable life of Horacio Reinaudo and asks us to consider how in our ultra-connected world, one person can be so completely and utterly left behind.

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