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a co-production between Radio Film and AfroFilms in Kenya
Director: Zippy Kimundu     
Producers: Andy Jones & Zippy Kimundu   Dur: 90 min feature

“As a girl growing up in Kenya I was always surrounded by stories of inspiring, mischievous or rebellious women. But at school, and as I ventured further into the world I grew confused, only ever finding books written by and about men. It was the same when I began to watch films, whether documentary or fiction.  


For me, this project is an opportunity to explore how women in East Africa have organized, agitated and influenced, and how we can trace modern parallels from these roots. By bringing these stories to the screen I hope to share my confidence as an independent woman with a new generation of women and men.”       Director, Zippy Kimundu


Join singer Mim Suleiman, on her journey to create an all women band. Travelling across East Africa, she encounters women who tell their stories, leading us to a different understanding of the way the world turns.  


From encounters on the street, to secret rendezvous behind closed doors, Mim meets activists, performers, grandmothers and children who are connected by a thread of influence and intuition. This is uSiSTA - a journey to the Swahili sisterhood. Twende! Let’s Go!

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